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Container Diesel Genset

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KAIHUA containerized Gen sets have standard type and soundproof type, manufactured and designed according to International Standard size of the container, there are 20 GP container and 40 GP container for your selection. The frame can avoid damage of Gen Sets during the transportation as a result of the high pressure load , possesses advantages as follows: novel figuration, compact structure, large volume, convenient for Gen Sets to transport; adopt the design of the high strength container and standard size , which save the freight cost for customers; there is high capability、durable aging and anti-burning type soundproof material and the absorption material within the container of soundproof type; simultaneously the container design is more humanized,  container has side doors in the two sides and fixed the overhaul light in it , which are convenient for operation and maintenance; have many distinct designs in control system panel、the style of output connection、fuel base and muffle etc., which are well appreciated by users.

KAIHUA standard and soundproof containerized gen-sets have the following feature:

1.Manufacture and design gen-set’s container according to ISO container standards, gen-sets below 1250kva adopt 20ft container and above 1250kva adopt 40’ft container.

2.Container with CSC/CCS certificate, the complete containerized gen-sets can be directly carried by Cargo ship.

3.KAIHUA container is painted with high stiffness and anti-rusty polyurethane paint; also the chose of shape stainless steel makes it superior mechanism structural quality compare to ordinary container.

4.Two anti-explosion led lights fixed inside of container and control panel, design for maintenance and operation. 5.Front and back doors, two side doors and ladder on each side, designed for easier access and maintenance.

6.KAIHUA container gen-set is patent for its oil/water/diesel leakage free and recycling system.

7.All hinges, locks, screws are stainless steel, inside of the container fixed with anti sea water/rainproof accessories.

8.Fix with control panel and output panel.

9. FIX PMG (Permanent magnet Generator) as standard, which ensure the gen-sets, can be started easily and offer stable power.

10.KAIHUA designed Fuel tank. Fuel supply drains, external auto refuelling outer joint, and muffler, etc, are well appreciated by our clients.

11.Our high performance soundproof material is durable, efficient and flameproof.

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