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  • Marine Diesel Genset
  • Marine Diesel Genset
Marine Diesel GensetMarine Diesel Genset

Marine Diesel Genset

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  • Product description: Marine Diesel Genset
KAIHUA Cummins series marine Diesel generator sets have features of compact structure,  large power , low oil consumption , low discharge, low noise, reliable performances,  and long services life .Its professional service networks are spread across the country and world , which can provide 24 hours after service and assure the supplying of accessories in time .
•Gen-set can use for Marine gen-set,  Marine emergency gen-set or Harbor gen-set.
•We use the marine synchronouse Alternator with the brands of Stamford , Maraphon and Simens marine Alternator etc. Also can be supplied at the request of customers.
•Parallel connection: Two and more normal marine generator sets can transfer loading without stoping , and can realize parallel.
•Protection function :Thare are over-limit alarming for speed , oil pressure, cooling water temperature and oil temperature.
•Can provide CCS, BV , ABS, DNV classification certificate.