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  • Trailer Diesel Genset
Trailer Diesel GensetTrailer Diesel Genset

Trailer Diesel Genset

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  • Product description: Trailer Diesel Genset
Mobile diesel generator sets have a variety structures and functions,for example: hand-pushed, three wheels, four wheels, automobile power plant, trailer power station, mobile and low noise power station, mobile and container power station, electric power project vehicles etc

The system is the company refers to a number of foreign companies’ mobile power stations’ structure,designs and manufactures by itself with a good operational capability and safe capability,which have the following configurations for customers’ choice:

1.Traction:adopted active pothook,360° wheel, flexible to ensure the safety when travelling.

2.Brake: with a reliable air brake interface and hand-brake system, to ensure the safety when travelling.

3.Supporting: In order to ensure the stability of power supplying,equiped with four hydraulic or mechanical supporting devices.

4.Doors and windows: With ventilated windows in the front ,folio doors at the tail, doors for operators to access on both sides.

5.Lighting: with explosion-proof lights at the top, operating table on the right with a table lamp, convenient for the staff.

6.Soundproof: decorated with double materies for trunk and doors, the minimum noise can be controlled within 68dB (A).

7.Size of trunk:The size of trunk is according to specifications,the operator can walk around, easy to operate and maintain.

8.Appearance:adopt polyurethane polymer paint,colour is according to customers’ requirment, vent-pipe is at the bottom to ensure the aesthetic.